Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sensor Walk

  • Heating system
    temperature sensor or thermometer outside of windows of my room to control the heater. - On a really cold day, heater is stronger.
  • Fire alarm - smoke sensor
  • Elevator
    weight sensor (scale?)– when the elevator gets overweight, it makes warning sounds.
    Cf. Escalators at the subway station – There are two ways escalator: going up and going down. So if you enter to opposite way, it would warn. And if the escalator is empty, it will stop.
  • ATM
    touch screen – it might be a basic question, how does it work?
  • Bookstore –barcode reader
  • Auto flushed toilets in a public bathroom – IR sensor
  • Auto sinks in a public bathroom – IR sensor
  • Security sensor bars at the store – magnetic sensor(?)
  • Automatic doors at the grocery store– IR sensor
  • Barcode scanner - Barcode
  • Conveyor belt
    IR sensor(?) - this belt looks like moving automatically. When there is some stuff at the edge of the belt, it stops and in the same situation but suff is far from the edge of the belt, it starts moving.
  • Iron
    temperature sensor – the little light on the top of the iron is turned on when it is heated
  • Nintendo DS
    touch screen / thermometer for the blowing option.

  • Night light – light sensor – When the room is bright, it is dimmed but when the room is dark it is getting brighter.

(Can timers be sensors? If they can,)

  • Auto turning off system of my camera - timer
  • Sleeping function of my lap-top - timer
  • Alarm clock - timer
    Cf. Speaking of an alarm clock, one of my friends have funny alarm clock. When it is ringing, to stop it you should make a sound like a voice or clapping instead of hitting a button.

  • People – I sensed people, and they did also.
    I have been thinking about the humans as sensors. When I called my mother she notices my mood, whether I have good news or I am tired just hearing my voice and its tone. At this point I want to talk more about sensing emotions than the five senses such as sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Sensing emotions could be related to intuition which is called our sixth sense. We can detect people’s feeling easily even unintentionally and react following what we detect. Sometimes it is wrong but I grantee, over 90 percent, it is right. We have such a good sensor. I can’t stop thinking about an emotion sensor. Is there a sensor that detects emotions except humans? If there is no sensor like it, how could I make it?


TLP said...

I Have been trying to use the MQ-3 Sensor. btw thank you for putting up the tutorial i could follow it easily and wire up the sensor. How ever i am going to be using a PIC microchip to get the analog signal from the sensor. How can i check it is working ? withcout writing the code. I checked for the voltage between GND and Vout, when i Check the voltage before bringing any alcohol near it i get a reading of 4.76 is this ok ? or am i supposed to get a lower value ? and can u give me some information so as to calibrate the sensor ?

Thank you in advance :)

DOPPERZ D.J said...


Frugal Guy said...

Sure, there are sensors that detect emotion. Voice stress analyzers and also capacitive sensors (galvanic skin response) will help to determine when someone is under stress. They are used as a part of so-called 'lie detectors.'

Also heart rate, pupil dilation, respiration rate... all these can be measured with sensors and used to infer a person's emotional state.

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